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Secondary School (5th grade and up)


The first place to go is the Karlschule, where all non-German speaking secondary school children will be registered and their German will be assessed. Parents will then get advice on how to proceed.

If a child’s German skills are sufficient, he or she can switch to regular instruction at the Karlschule or to another school in Freiburg.

If the child/youth needs to improve his/her German skills, then he/she will attend what is called an international preparatory class. In Freiburg, several schools have international preparatory classes (in German: internationale Vorbereitungsklasse, or IVK for short). The Karlschule will either keep a child in its own IVK or it will send the child to an IVK at another school which is closer to where the family lives, so that a child doesn't need to travel too far to school. The focus of the IVKs is to learn German as fast and thorough as possible. The kids usually stay in an IVK for about a year, depending on their individual progress, and then change to a regular class, either in the Karlschule or to any other school in Freiburg. Besides German, the kids have math, English, sports as well as art classes. Since the focus is on learning German, other subjects like geography or history are not part of the curriculum. Acceptance into an international preparatory class can be completed at any time during the school year.

Please contact:

Karlschule Freiburg
Karlstraße 16
79104 Freiburg
Phone: 0761 2017528

Please bring your passport and your child’s birth certificate, the registration certificate and any grade reports from earlier years to registration.

If your child already knows German fairly well by the time you come to Freiburg, then another option could be to attend an international class at the Kepler Gymnasium here in Freiburg. A Gymnasium is a type of German high school that enables students to continue with University i.e. the academic standard of a Gymnasium is pretty high. Also, the curriculum is broader than that of an IVK, including subjects like geography, history and social studies. To get into this class, a student needs to already know German quite well (depending on the age either level B2 or C1) and also be on the overall educational standard of a Gymnasium.

If you want to pursue this option, please contact the Kepler Gymnasium directly to find out if this would be a good option for your child.

If you want to enroll your child in a private secondary school, please contact the school as early as possible to find out what the preconditions for enrollment are.


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