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Motoric development

Movement areas

Motoric development occurs at different paces in each child. Muscle development takes time, and sitting, crawling, standing and walking are not possible until the muscles are stable enough. We observe the children's motoric development and provide each child with the appropriate opportunities for movement in an age-appropriate environment. Variously designed areas in our group rooms allow children of different ages to try out their motoric skills.

    geräte bewegung

These include, for example:

  • Sheltered areas for younger children who are not yet mobile with room to move, where children can turn or prop themselves up
  • Protected areas for crawling 
  • Race tracks for children who are just starting to run
  • Space for jumping, sliding, climbing and running 
  • Open spaces, inclined planes and steps


Movement opportunities

Through various objects such as swings and rocking horses, the Pikler triangle, doll carts, and sliding boards, we regularly provide opportunities for the children to practice different movements. The children can also push and carry objects around the room, overcome obstacles, practice getting up and down, throwing, etc. On our walks, they exercise their stamina according to their age.

The objects we provide can be used in different ways by the children, allowing them to implement their own ideas. In this way, the children's imagination is stimulated and coupled with motoric development.

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