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Daycare centre Shalom


Daycare Centre Kita Shalom

The Shalom Daycare Centre offers 50 full-day spots for children between 0-6 years of age. It is located in a multiple-story converted historical building on the grounds of the former freight train station, and has a generously sized outside area. The support organisation of the institution is the Jugendhilfswerk Freiburg (Freiburg Youth Aid Association, JHW for short).

Daycare Services

10 full-day spots for children from 0-3 (Monday-Friday 7:00-17:00)

40 full-day spots for children from 3-6 (Monday-Friday 7:00-17:00)

Educational Principles

One special feature of the Shalom Daycare Centre is that it allows children and families to get to know Jewish traditions. There are reserved spots for families belonging to the Jewish Community of Freiburg. In addition, the cultural diversity in society is adopted within the daycare centre. The focus is on cultural, creative interaction. Through playing, learning and living together, exchange, tolerance and understanding are developed and promoted.

Spot Assignment

As part of a partnership, 10 daycare spots are given priority assignment to employees of the university of Freiburg.


Please contact the Kita director to inquire about day care costs, meal contribution and sibling reduction.


In order to enroll your child in any Kita in Freiburg you need to follow the central registration procedure by the city of Freiburg. This applies also to the Kita Shalom.

On the following website you will be guided through the registration procedure (German only).

On this website, you can also access the registration form (German only) on which you can specify up to three Kitas. Please enter the Kita Shalom as one of your desired institutions, and identify your relationship to the Universität Freiburg.

The websites of the city of Freiburg as well as the form for the central registration are in German only. If this is inconvenient for you, we offer you the registration form in English.

If you fill out the registration form on the internet (i.e. the German version), the form will be submitted automatically to the directors of the Kitas you have chosen.

If you fill out the registration form in the pdf-format (i.e. the English version), please send it via E-mail to the address given on the form. The city administration will forward the info to the directors of the chosen Kitas.
The daycare director of the Kita Shalom will then contact you and invite you to a visitation.

Please note that most of the free spots are allocated at the beginning of a new kindergarten year in September. In order to get a spot at this point, you need to be registered in the central registration system of the city of Freiburg by the end of February of the same year. If you need to start childcare at a time other than September, you also have to register with the central system and you should do so as soon as possible. In this case please be prepared for a longer waiting period, since there are only a few spots left to be awarded after September.


Kita Shalom
Ingeborg-Krummer-Schroth-Straße 10
79106 Freiburg
Tel.: (0761) 881 595 49

Daycare directors: Ms. Isabelle Schäfer and Eva Breunig


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