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Welcome culture

Our Uni daycare centers are open to every child - children of all nationalities and all religions as well as children with health restrictions are welcome here. Each child is unique and enriches our community through his or her individuality and particularity. The staff recognizes the uniqueness of each child and promotes their development according to their individual needs. No child is treated differently or excluded because of their level of development or social, ethnic or cultural differences. All children should experience everyday life together and learn from each other, regardless of individual strengths and weaknesses.

Procedure for the allocation of places for children with special needs:

  1. In the first step, we check whether the personnel and material requirements are given and whether we can meet the special needs of the disabled child or child at risk of disability, e.g. in the context of double occupancy or an increase in staff.
  2. If these prerequisites are met, the responsible body and the specialists of the facility, in cooperation with the specialist agencies (e.g. Early Intervention Center, Psychological Counseling Center, Social Pediatric Center), will clarify how high the personnel and material requirements are in each individual case and which support measures are necessary for the child.
  3. The decision for or against admission of the child in need of support is made with the involvement of all parties for the benefit of the child and the facility. Should it become apparent in discussions with the daycare center, the specialized agencies and the parents that another facility is better suited for the child or that our facilities cannot ensure the child's care and support needs from a personnel and factual perspective, we are happy to help the parents find a facility that is geared to the child's needs. 

Assistance in applying for integration and inclusion aids betreuerin kinder

For a child with significant disabilities, there may be an additional need for integrative measures to participate in group activities beyond the existing resources of our daycare centers. With this in mind, we also make parents aware of integration assistance services and support parents in applying for them. 

Implementation of the integration and inclusion aids

If a child's special needs are determined by the responsible office and integration assistance is granted, we ensure that the assistance is organized and provided. For this purpose, we use a suitable specialist from our team or an external inclusion specialist, depending on the estimated assistance.

Procedure in case of abnormalities of the child

If a child, who is already being cared for in one of our facilities, shows abnormalities, the daycare center managers first talk to the parents about it. If there is a suspicion of health restrictions, we contact a specialist office together with the parents to clarify whether special care and support measures are necessary for the child. 
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