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beziehungProfessional-child relationship

Positive relationships are an important prerequisite for the formation of a healthy personality and the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of the child. For this reason, we place great value on building a trusting, sustainable relationship with the children. We achieve this through regular togetherness, reliability and behavior that is tailored to the child. In all everyday situations, e.g. when playing, eating, changing diapers, sleeping or during the acclimatisation process, we convey to the children that we accept, respect and value them.

Perceiving children's signals

Since children under the age of three are generally not yet able to express themselves coherently in language, we approach these children with a high degree of sensitive attention in order to understand the child's signals. Only in this way we can react appropriately to the situation so that the children feel understood and accepted. We show our willingness to respond to the child through warmth, humor and kindness. We also mirror the child's emotions, movements and expressions, which enables us to recognize and regulate emotional tension and thus help the child to absorb stress.
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