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Bring your Child to Work - Day (MiKi-Tag)

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Since 2004, the so-called “MiKi-Tag” (Bring your child to work-day) has taken place at the Uni Freiburg. All university employees are invited to show their children their workplace at the university and, for example, take a tour of their institute or university institution as well as introduce their child to colleagues. MiKi-Tag takes place regularly every two years.

In addition to visiting their parents’ workplace, the children can take part in a framework programme that offers them further insights into several work areas at the university, such as a tour through the media centre, for example, with many options to participate, a visit of the two old university detention cells, a visit to the Botanical Gardens and more. Participation is possible for children at the ages of 4 to 12.

The next MiKi-Tag will take place in 2024.


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