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The child in the daycare community


We want to offer the individual child a high degree of freedom for the development of his or her individuality and the development of his or her individual means of expression. At the same time, we set limits to avert danger or to protect the interests of others.
It is important to us to convey to the child recognition and appreciation for the other children and adults in the daycare center. We support the children in understanding and accepting the needs of others according to their age. We promote the acquisition of the competence to deal with conflicts in an appropriate manner, with the goal that the children can deal with and regulate conflicts on their own. We support the children in this learning process by moderating conflicts and mediating between different interests.

Equal treatment

We consciously emphasize breaking down stereotypical role models. This means that we include all children equally in all activities. There is no gender-specific influence by the professionals in the selection of play materials or activities.


In order to create a safe environment for the children and to practice socially acceptable behavior in a group, we communicate clear boundaries. In doing so, it is our task to teach the children how to deal with rules. Since following rules can also be frustrating for children, a sensitive approach is important here. The child's feelings are taken seriously. Depending on the child's stage of development, possible solutions such as compromise can be presented. At the team level, the limits we set are regularly reviewed and reflected upon.
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